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United States Air Force Officer
United States Air Force Officer
Saber - Sword Diagram
Officer with Sword
NCO Officer with Sword
Air Force NCO Sword
United States Air Force Officer & NCO Sword - Spain

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Air Force Officer & NCO Swords

$294.95 NCO, $339.95 Officer
Our Air Force Officer Sword is the regulation sword worn by Air Force Officers for any military honor guard and formal ceremony. We also carry the NCO Sword. Both can be engraved for an additional fee and are available in 4 lengths.
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The correct USAF Officer Saber is the M1902 Calvary Saber, also known as the US Army Officer Saber. This has been the regulation Officer Saber since 1947 when the Air Force separated from the US Army. The confusion seems to have its roots in the fact that the NCO Sword shares the same basic design as the USAF Academy Cadet Saber. The regulations are a bit elusive as well which has added further to the confusion. Confusion has also been generated form internet pictures and websites with incorrect information.


The USAF Honor Guard training guide which is the clearest reference on page 135 are pictures for both the Saber and Sword. Also, if you look closely at the picture above & the manual you will see an Air Force Officer wearing the M1902.

Yes we can engrave your sword for a modest fee click here to find out more!