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Union Infantry Officer's Civil War Sword

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Union Infantry Officer's Sword, Collectible

These fine reproduction sabers are faithful copies of the ones used during The Late Unpleasantness. Made with good attention to detail with a hand forged 30" well-tempered blade of steel etched with U.S., eagle and military tropies and a leather wire wrapped handle. The bright brass basket displays a floral design cast into the guard with a solid brass pommel and a steel scabbard with brass fittings. 39" overall length.
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SpecificationsBlade: 30"
Overall Length: 39"
Scabbard included
Sword: British spec steel
Handle: leather, wire wrapped
Pommel: solid brass
Scabbard: Steel with brass fittings
Bright brass basket
Shipping Details
Ground Shipping: $25

Hand forged by a former British military contractor in India with military spec steel. This makes for tough blades that will flex over 20 and return to true. The labor required to make a good sword is highly skilled, and since labor costs are much less there, we are able to offer these swords at less than half the cost of Spanish versions of these swords!

When a Yankee infantry officer used his sword to rally his troops, this is what the boys in blue beheld. In fact, this is the sword most carried by Union infantry officers throughout the Civil War.


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