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Clarino Saber Guard
Clarino Saber Guard
Leather Sword Knot
Clarin Saber Sling
How to wear the Officer Accessories

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Marine Officer Saber Items

$48.95  Leather Sword Knot, $26.95 Clarino Saber Guard, $72.95 Clarino Saber Sling, $145.00 all three
Three military officer items are available: high grade leather sword knot, clarino saber guard and clarino saber sling. Purchase them separately or all together.
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Click here to see how to wear the Sword Guard & Sling

The service sword knot is braided of black leather or approved synthetic material, with a simulated large knot, two sliding keepers, and a hook and eye closure. The sword knot will be attached to the sword at all times.

The knot is attached to the sword by passing the small end through the eye in the pommel and securing it to the hook above the large end of the knot. One keeper will be drawn taut immediately below the pommel; the other immediately above the large end of the knot. Both strands of the knot are then looped in a clove hitch over the rear hilt at the cross guard, next to the acorn, and drawn taut so that the large end of the knot hangs free and does not fall below the upper brass rings of the scabbard. The clove hitch "crossover" is worn inboard. From the USMC Uniform Board (PMCUB)