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DrillAmerica® Parade Rifle MKW1 Without Slings for Honor Guard

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Honor Guard DrillAmerica® Parade Rifle MKW1

The first 8.5-pound center-balanced parade drill rifle in the U.S., the DrillAmerica® is made of high-impact plastic with a wood-grain appearance and exterior chromed metal parts. Length is 43". What makes this one different from the previous model is that it comes with a moving bolt to enable Inspection Arms and a trigger that "clicks" for effect. Each rifle has a reversible black rubber butt pad and a metal butt plate. There is no bayonet lug. This rifle is approved for all JROTC competitions as a demilitarized weapon and can be used at other Honor Guard ceremonial military events.
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SpecificationsWeight: 8.5 lbs
Length: 43 inches
NO Bayonet Lug
High-Impace Plastic
Exterior Chromed Metal Parts
Black Rubber Butt Pad
Metal Butt Plate

The DrillAmerica® rifle does not come with a sling, but any Glendale web or leather sling can be used with it.

RIFLES ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Before ordering a quantity of rifles, we suggest ordering a single piece for your examination to be certain it meets your requirements. If it does not, a single unused rifle may be returned.

Rifles cannot be guaranteed against breakage after receipt.

All of our rifles are replicas only; they do not fire and are intended to be used for exhibition, special events or parades.